Cold Water Fish


The Centrárquidos family is a family of fresh and cold water fish, originating in North America.

This family of fish
includes 27 different species, often tall, with a compressed body, and with a rather attractive coloration, which makes them very original fish for aquariums or cold water ponds.

They are carnivorous fish.
The smaller species and the youngest specimens
eat small invertebrates and smaller fish.

Older specimens and larger species can feed on other smaller fish and larger mollusks or crustaceans, such as crabs.

As adults they
can grow to between 20 and 30 centimeters,although some specimens under certain circumstances may be older.

In Spain, two varieties of these fish have been introduced, with quite adverse results for the local fauna:
the Percasol fish and the Black Bass.

The Percasol fish has some attractiveness for breeding in aquariums or ponds, while
the Black Bass or largemouth bass, has little attractive in terms of its color and is used for fishing.


Article index1 Description2 Morphology2.1 Sexual dimorphism3 Distribution and habitat4 Aquarium conditions5 Diet6 Behavior and compatibility7 Reproduction8 Images and photographs Percasol Description The Sunfish or Percasol is a cold-water fish of the Centrarchidae family, native to North America. Its scientific name Lepomis gibbosus, refers to the hump or hump that this variety presents. They are very attractive fish, ideal to breed in …

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