Cold Water Fish

Cold Water Cyprinids

Among the thousands of fish that belong to the Cyprinidae subfamily, a great majority belong to warm-water fish, but some of the best known are cold-water Cyprinidae.

Anyone who has heard a conversation about fishing will know that carp are one of the most common fish found in rivers.

Well, the carps belong to the cold-water Cyprinids, they are Cyprinus Carpio. It is unlikely that anyone would have common carp in a cold water aquarium, but it is not uncommon to be able to enjoy common carp in a pond.
The most common cold water Cyprinids in cold water aquariums are:

Red fish

Carassius auratus

The Red fish is a species native to China, and is one of the best known cold water aquarium fish.

The varieties of red fish for sale are huge. The spontaneous and forced mutations have created a great variety of specimens with many types of morphology and color combinations, some have even lost the characteristic red color, such as the black telescope.

Some of the most commercial and well-known are: Lion’s head with red hat, Kalicot, black telescope, Carasio with red livery …

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Chinese Neon

Tanichthys albonubes

The Chinese Neon is a fish well known and appreciated by lovers of cold water aquariums.

It is a gregarious, peaceful fish, a good swimmer and resistant, which lives in relatively low temperatures, between 18º and 22ºC.
It is really easy to take care of, it does not need a specific feeding and it is possible to take care of it in a relatively small aquarium, with 40 liters is enough.

The Chinese Neon are originally from the mountainous regions of Canton, in China , where groups of fish can be found swimming in community.
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Ciprinus carpio

Carp fish is possibly one of the most common fish in the world, so much so, that as it is not native to certain regions, it is considered an invasive species.

We are facing a variety of fish, capable of easily adapting to a wide variety of environments, even in situations where oxygen in the water is scarce.
They are not the typical fish that are usually kept in aquariums, but nevertheless, they are very common fish for ponds, where they will need low maintenance.

As we are talking about a species, with great variations in coloration and size, it is possible to find more interesting varieties for aquariums, such as the Koi carp, highly esteemed in Japan, but which deserves its space completely apart.
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Koi Carp

Cyprinus carpio

The koi carp are ornamental varieties of the common carp, related to the Red fish . They are originally from Japan where they have been raised for centuries as food.

Rice farmers realized that certain common carp had a brighter color than the rest, which made them vulnerable.

These carp began to be raised to form part of the Koi ponds , present in Japanese houses, as part of the garden. It is certain that from there they get their name «Koi» Carp, Pond Carp.

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