The best places to buy live fish online

If you want to buy tropical or marine fish, where do you go? Your local fish store, right? But did you know that you can also get beautiful and healthy fish through an online aquarium store? You can even bid on prize specimens at online auctions! Who knows?

These days, professional fish farmers are experts at packaging and shipping their livestock around the world, so you can be pretty sure your purchases will arrive in good condition. Buying fish online is also surprisingly affordable and easy, and has a much wider selection of species than you’ll find at your local fish store.

So what is the best place to buy fish online? Can you order fish online? In this guide, we introduce you to 25 of the best online fish stores.

25 Best Places To Buy Live Fish Online

Now that you can buy fish online, the sky is the limit when it comes to what species you can display in your home aquarium. With that in mind, here are our 25 favorite places to buy live fish online.


Check into Petco

  • freshwater, tropical, marine
  • Based in the US
  • Network of local and online stores

Petco is a general pet store that also sells a wide range of fish and aquarist supplies, including tanks, fish food, medications, etc.

They offer a wide variety of fish, goldfish and even eels. Petco’s online service reviews are generally very good, and the fish usually arrive at your door in good condition.


Click for more information is a US online fish store specializing in the sale of marine fish species, corals, invertebrates, live rocks, and more. They also offer a good variety of aquarium equipment geared toward reef and marine setups. There is also a helpful forum, news and free tips on keeping saltwater fish.

Delivery is via FedEx and is free if you spend more than $79 on your order. If you wish, you can arrange to collect your order from your local FedEx depot, free of charge. Check with the store to find out when is the best time to place your order for overnight delivery.


  • freshwater, tropical, marine
  • Based in the US

Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace, offering a phenomenal range of products, from books and DVDs to furniture, clothing, sports equipment, and much more.

You can also buy live fish through the Amazon platform. Amazon does not sell fish itself, but it is used by fish farmers and retailers to advertise the sale of their livestock. So while you can order through Amazon, your delivery will come directly from the supplier. For that reason, always check where the retailer is located before ordering. The farther your fish have to travel, the more stressed they are likely to be and that could lead to illness.


  • freshwater, tropical, marine
  • Based in the US is nearly the largest online fish store in the US, offering sustainably raised freshwater and saltwater fish, corals, reef rocks, invertebrates, and plants. You can buy just about anything you need for your aquarium at this online store, including a wide range of frozen and dry fish food.

Free delivery is offered on orders over $29.

5. is an online fish store specializing in the sale of hand-selected saltwater aquarium fish. You can find a wide range of rare specimens for sale, including sharks and rays, inverts, and corals. They also offer fish food and general aquarium supplies.

Delivery is by UPS and next day delivery is guaranteed for sensitive and reverse corals.


  • Marine
  • Based in the US
  • Saltwater fish online store is an online fish store specializing in marine fish, invertebrates, corals, live sand, marine plants, and live rock.

This supplier takes the health of their stock very seriously and has a storage facility dedicated to acclimating wild-caught fish prior to sale. Delivery is made overnight by UPS and is free for some orders. The website also has a lot of information on caring for sea creatures.


  • freshwater, tropical, marine
  • Based in the US
  • Online pet supplies store

Petsmart is an online store that sells general pet supplies, including aquarium equipment and some live fish as well.

The fish you’ll find at Petsmart are mainly different varieties of GloFish, although they also have goldfish.


  • Guppies, shoulders
  • Based in the US

Twin Cities Guppies specializes in breeding and importing Guppies and Plecos for sale online. The range of guppy varieties available is mind-boggling! You can also buy Endlers and plecos.

Prices aren’t the cheapest you’ll find online, starting at just under $50 for a pair of guppies. With that said, if you are an enthusiast who loves to breed guppies and create new colors and patterns, this is the online store for you.


  • tropical, marine, freshwater
  • Based in the US
  • Online fish auction site is the eBay of the hobby for aquarists. On this auction site, you can find just about anything you need for your aquarium hobby, including fish, snails, plants, filters, and more. Open a free account, search for what you want and then “buy it now” or enter the auction and bid on the desired item.

The site is fairly easy to use, but many of the fish dealers that use it are based in Thailand. This can create complications for the shipment of your fish, depending on the regulations of your region. So please make sure to check what is allowed before you bid.


  • Tropical, fresh water
  • Based in the US sells freshwater fish, invertebrates, plants, and fish care supplies, including food, tank decorations, water treatments, and test kits.

There is also a blog, lots of fish care articles and lots of promotions to read. Live fish next day delivery is via UPS, and live arrival is guaranteed. is committed to animal welfare, and shoppers who adopt an unwanted pet from a shelter receive a $50 voucher to use toward in-store purchases.

11. is an online fish store that sells marine fish, invertebrates, corals, live rocks, and saltwater plants.

The website is very easy to use and includes many educational articles and a reference index of links where you can learn all about the species of fish they have for sale. You can also subscribe to a newsletter if you want to receive up-to-date information on offers, news and the like.

Delivery is made via FedEx.

12. eBay

  • freshwater, marine, tropical
  • Based in the US

eBay is known around the world as an online auction site, where users can buy everything from cars and electrical items to furniture. You can buy new or used items, and the site is now home to many professional sellers.

You can also buy live fish on eBay. What is available varies from week to week and delivery depends on the seller. In fact, many eBay live fish sellers insist on in-person pickup, so make sure you can do that before you buy or bid.

13. specializes in dealing with corals and marine fish, and also sells aquarium supplies. Dealers offer a 15-day win guarantee and free shipping on orders over $225.

The website is very easy to use and is packed with helpful links, educational videos, and useful articles.


  • fresh water, tropical, cold water
  • Based in the US is an online fish store that sells freshwater fish and invertebrates, including goldfish, pond fish, and more. So, if you’re looking for a selection of goldfish to add to your collection, this is a great site to visit.

If you order fish from this supplier, your fish are guaranteed to arrive alive and survive for at least three days. During the winter, the fish are shipped in thermal bags and every effort is made to ensure that the livestock arrive in good condition. If not, we will refund your money.


  • fresh water, tropical, cold water
  • Based in the US
  • Land and online fish shop

The Wet Spot is a great tropical fish store in Portland that also offers live fish for sale online. There is a wide variety of tropical fish species to choose from, including some invertebrates, and there are also goldfish available. Live plants are also stored, as well as some aquarium supplies.

Orders are processed in-store and live delivery of your fish is guaranteed.


  • fresh water, tropical
  • Based in the US

Imperial Tropicals offers a very good variety of tropical fish and some invertebrate species, as well as a decent selection of dry goods, fish food, plants, and other aquarium supplies.

Cichlids are a specialty here and there is a wide variety to choose from. Shipping is quite expensive compared to other online fish stores, but every effort is made to ensure your order arrives alive and healthy.


  • freshwater, tropical, marine
  • Based in the US is an online fish store that sells live freshwater and saltwater tropical fish, invertebrates and corals, as well as a variety of aquarium fish food and medicine. Live plants are also available.

All cattle orders are shipped via UPS for overnight delivery. Orders over $139 ship free, though there is a small packaging charge. Live arrival of your order is guaranteed, although if your fish dies the next day, you have no compensation to the supplier.


  • freshwater, tropical, marine
  • Based in the US
  • Land and online fish shop

Pete’s Aquariums & Fish is a New York-based fish and aquarium store that also has an online ordering service and a very clever website.

The store sells an amazing variety of marine fish, freshwater species, pond fish, and more unusual specimens such as jellyfish, octopus, cucumbers, and starfish. Orders are shipped via FedEx with overnight delivery which is free for orders over $199. Live arrival is guaranteed and you also get a 14 day guarantee on your order.


  • tropical marine
  • Based in the US
  • Land and online fish shop

J and L Aquatics has a land-based fish store as well as an online presence. They sell all kinds of aquarium equipment and supplies, from fish food and substrate to protein skimmers and aquariums.

The live fish offered for sale are mainly marine species, including a good variety of unusual specimens, such as urchins, seahorses, corals, cucumbers and scallops. Delivery is free.


  • Tropical, freshwater, marine, amphibians
  • Based in the US is an online fish store that sells just about every tropical freshwater and marine species you can think of, including amphibians, invertebrates, and even some reptiles. They also sell live plants.

The store specializes in dealing with exporters and suppliers of rare and unusual fish from around the world. Live arrival is guaranteed, but with caveats, so please clarify your terms on the species you request before proceeding.


  • Tropical freshwater and cold water
  • Based in the US
  • Land and online fish shop

PetZone is a San Diego-based fish store. They sell freshwater species, including coldwater pond fish and some invertebrate species, and also offer a wide range of fish, aquarium and live plant care products. The website has some interesting articles explaining how to acclimate your new fish and how to care for the plants in your aquarium.

Live arrival is guaranteed and all fish and other animals are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight.


  • Tropical freshwater and cold water
  • Based in the US
  • Land and online fish shop

Arizona Aquatic Gardens is a family business based in Tucson, Arizona. They raise and sell freshwater fish, marine fish, snails, shrimp, frogs, and crabs, and also offer freshwater pond and game fish. You can also get aquariums, fish food, fish care products, tank decorations and many other aquarium related products in this comprehensive online store.

If your order arrives dead, you will receive a store credit on your next order.


  • Tropical freshwater, marine, reptiles, exotic
  • Based in the US is an online retailer offering a wide range of freshwater and marine tropical fish, reptiles, invertebrates, exotic animals, corals, reptiles and more. You can also buy almost everything you need for your fish, including aquariums, fish food, water treatment, lighting, etc.

All cattle orders ship via FedEx Overnight Priority, but shipping rates vary considerably, so I recommend you check the cost of your order before proceeding.

24. offers a wide selection of freshwater pond and aquarium fish and has a good reputation for providing excellent customer service.

The store has a good selection of species, including many varieties of betta, fancy goldfish, GloFish, and even Arowanas for those who have a large tank and are looking for a fish with impressive features. An impressive selection of unusual invertebrate species is also on offer.


RFI is a long-established online seller of high-quality freshwater tropical fish species. They currently offer over 730 species of exotic and unusual aquarium creatures, including invertebrates, cichlids, African cichlids, and more. RFI are specialists in discus fish and also sell some fish with amazing features, such as gars and rays.

In addition to fish, RFI offers plants, fish food and miscellaneous aquarium supplies.


I hope you have enjoyed this guide to the best places to buy live fish online.

As you can see, even if you live in a region that doesn’t have many good local fish stores, you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity. In fact, you’ll almost certainly find a much wider selection of fish and invertebrate species online than you would at most fish stores and pet stores. So if you want to add something rare or unusual to your display aquarium, shopping online is definitely the way to go.

We would love to hear about your experiences buying live fish online. Share your story with us in the comment box below, and be sure to share this guide with your friends!

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