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Clever and Funny Betta Fish Names – Female and Male

It’s not hard to find a name for your Betta fish, but finding something special or unique can take your imagination to the test. It’s an art to come up with a truly epic fish name that hints at your color or personality, and also represents your sense of humor or other interests. Check out our tips along with our long list of funny Betta names!

What should I call my Betta fish?

It may not be the most important part of keeping a Betta fish (designing the ideal aquarium would take precedence), but naming your fish is still a pivotal moment for most aquarists. When you name, feed, and care for your Betta, you also build the bond between you and your new pet.

How do you choose a name for a Betta?

There are many ways to choose the best name for your betta fish, and I find it’s easiest to start making a list of possibilities until you find the nickname that really speaks to you. But where should you start looking for names?

Classic meanings and origins of names

There are a few methods that I find helpful in naming my fish. A good place to start is with one of those baby naming books or guides. If you’ve ever wondered what the name «Frank» means or where it came from, this is the place to find the answers.

Simply browsing through the lists of popular names can spark an idea! With an online guide, you can quickly look up names from a specific language and see how a name has evolved over time. You can also find names with interesting meanings or historical origins.

Names based on your fish’s appearance or personality

You can also look for a name that invokes the qualities you see in your fish (or would like to see). Male betta fish are known for their bellicose personalities, so it’s not uncommon for them to earn evil fish names like Brutus or Killer. Or you can go the opposite direction and call him Fluffy.

You can also choose a name that hints at the type of betta you have or alludes to its coloration. If you have a baby turquoise crowtail betta, you can go for a real name (see below) or mix them up to get a title like T-Rex (turquoise king) or something similar.

Names that use pop culture, puns, and humor

My favorite names for Bettas reference popular culture or include a dose of dark humor. I also love names that include puns or other puns. You can name your betta after your favorite movie or video game character or even put a spin on your favorite food, like Filet O’Fis.

Whichever name you choose, it should be one that suits your fish and suits your personal style. Whether you prefer a human name like Frank or a fun pair like Frank & Furter, we hope our list sparks your creativity!

List of Unique and Funny Betta Fish Names

Here is a list of over 1,000 names that are perfect for Betta fish of all kinds! We’ve divided the list into sections so you can scan them based on gender, color, personality, or other characteristics.

Gender Names for Bettas

A popular option is to choose a classic boy’s or girl’s name for your fish. There is something inherently fun about owning a Betta named Bruno or Gladys. Here is a list of names for male and female fish, including stars and celebrities, famous characters from movies, television, books, and video games.

Male Betta Fish Names

If you’re looking for unique male betta names, here’s 100 common and uncommon options that really fit these feisty fellas. Why shouldn’t a red male betta be named after Moses, the guy who parted the Red Sea?

Frank Luke Bruno Moby
Wreath Lupine Shiloh bubba
Gary Wrong Zeus Jet
Giles Mars Darius abe
Gonzalez Mate archie Adam
They have Max Anchor Akira
Harry minos Jayson albus
hiro Moe Caspian Andy
Homer Wayne Kevin Will
Jay wilfred leomord Bernard
James William Marine Astor
Jorge Wolf Moses Bald
Jem Xander Ortún Barnabas
Joey zappa Rosendo Anthony
Joseph Cop Galahad Sword
Johnson Zane Gentian braves
kylo Valley Peak Bruce
Larry Dylan Atticus Albert
Leland Dave Nigel Bart
Lion depack Hungry Brian
leonard Medical Purple error
Loki Doug Gusti Jonathan
Luis drake Kumar Elroe
Lucian fox Captain Graham
Lucius Quintin Shade clint

Female Betta Fish Names

While boys tend to get most of the attention, female bettas can also have strong names that show off their mean girl side. But there are also more feminine options, if you prefer a softer or more feminine name for your lady.

Jupiter Boss yzabella Carly
Nerissa Butterfly Queane elsa
Pearl Cardi B. Xyris chanell
Sela Flip flops Andrea Cho
Donatella Gamora Abigail Colby
indira Jelly Bean adrianna Rowena
Sarnai jigglypuff Angel cupcake
Rat latte Ally Would give
Saki marie condo Amelia Devine
Amber bad girl Buffy Diana
Jen Siren Angela Diva
Violet misty anthena donna
dawn Mrs. Marbles Cassie drusilla
Light blue Mrs Piggy Ariel Edith
Aiza Pepper athena Elizabeth
Aoi Popcorn Carla Eleanor
Coral princess Avey Emily
Cordelia Queen B Belle Esther
Doris Starbucks Bess eve
Island Taylor Swift white Evine
small port Tomatoes Bonnie Happiness
Nicole Yuffie Britt Fine
Aerith Zelda Little bunny flower
Amy Schumer Rebecca Callista Flower
Bikini Zenaida Stretcher Francine

Famous Male Betta Fish Names

Mixing a little humor into your pet’s name, you can take a celebrity or famous person and play around with the words a bit to create a fun nickname like this for your male betta:

Miguel Angel jester Stephen Curry
Elvis Fishley Han Solo lebron waves
Ferb Sky Walker Johnny Depth
Johnny Dash Woody bat Man
Gandalf Yoda Ross
Jack Sparrow Brad Pitt Seinfeld
Willy Wonka channing tatum Sheldon

Famous Female Betta Fish Names

Female betta fish are not shy or demure, so consider naming your girl after a powerful woman!

Wonder Woman arya JLo
Wanda sansa solo lebron waves
hermione Daenerys Angeline
Princess Leia Beautiful Reese
Katniss Raquel Scarlet
King Beyonce meryl stream
Lara Croft kim Virgin
Dorothy taylor Katy Perry

Betta Fish Names by Color

There are many ways to incorporate your Betta’s color into their name. You can translate the color into another language or match your name to an object with a similar hue.

Red Betta Fish Names

What do you think of when you see a red betta fish? It might bring to mind a radish or a bowl of something spicy. Here are some interesting and fun names for red bettas of both genders:

Blush crimson String Rosso (red in Italian)
Reddish Currant Ketchup Rouge (red in French)
apple Curry kimchi Homeless
Ruby Elmo ladybug Rowan
Chestnut Ellie Lobster Vermilion
Fall Ember Lucy Rowena
Beetroot Eric Mahogany Rusty
Berry Fiona Fire Saffron
Radiance Blaziken Merida Sandy
aka flanne merlot Bleeding
Burning Flemish Thought Punane (red in Estonian)
brandy cunning Peppers Sienna
Brick Crimp Penny Bordeaux
Burgundy Oven Mint Only
Candy cane Garnet Pepperoni spark – spark
Cardinal Gilroy Pedro strawberry
Carrot Ginger Phoenix Sumac
peppers Radiance Poppy Sunset
Bell pepper harkin Phineas Suri
cherry Fever Radish Punainen (red in Finnish)
Chestnut Hazelnut color Raspberry Tiger
Cheyenne Hong (red in Chinese) Rhubarb wow
Clifford Hydrant Rogan Sebastian (The Little Mermaid)
Chili Jam Rojo (red in Spanish)
Cinnamon Jelly Bean Pink
Copper Blueberry Rose

Blue Betta Fish Names

It is very common for blue betta fish to be given nautical or floral names, or to be named after various shades of blue. You can also choose your favorite blue gemstones or fabrics, like sapphire or denim.

Blue Midnight Blue Merryweather (Blue Fairy from Sleeping Beauty)
Water Real Ashlyn Genius
Blue Fish river Betty Stain
Cobalt Pole Megaman magikoopas
Ice tentacool Mande Rae Thrawn
Darling Stitch blue boy Neytiri
Baby blue Stain blue mackerel lagoon
Neptune Topaz Modry Estuary
Cornflower Turquoise Light Blue Buryu (blue in Japanese)
Sea Ocean DaBaDee Sonic
Aquamarine Zir Electric samus aran
Azure Eeyore Eulb Richter Belmont
Beryl Dark blue bluish green Below zero
blue Lagoona Monday megamind
blue Moon Rooster Blue Dragon dr manhattan
blue betty Iris Aragonite tarn
Gatorade Navy Tardis Billabong
Blue-Be-Do Cracker plavalaguna Blue Star
Blueberry cyan Pit Urdin (blue in Basque)
Cloud denim Tanzanite Frosty
blue face Grumpy Modrá (blue in Czech) To freeze
Smurf Indigo Pisces candle tail
Bell Cowboy Poseidon
Sapphire Periwinkle AstroBoy
Rose blue Marine

Orange Betta Fish Names

Orange bettas often have fiery names based on the sun, which also fit their personalities, but there are other options as well. You could choose a food name, like Cheeto, or even name them after your favorite liquor.

Yellow jaffa cake raggedy ann Keegan
Amber Charmander Citrus kyo
Apricot cheddar cheese Colby Peanut butter
Honey leopard fancy nanny wilma flinstone
Basketball cheetah Mistletoe Leaf (or Leif)
Sonoran Jam Creamsicle Flanigan
Dallol Maxie Nola Flynn
Kebili Meg Raven forsythias
Timbuktu Kite Oprah Frazier
Quasimodo Muffin Curtis Furgus
Daphne Nacho dana scully Gala
Clementine Noodles Dandelion garfield
Ollie Nubit Departure Brown
Aslan Nutmeg Spike Gina
fantasy Bronze Tulip Ocher
Effervescence Sandstone Dempsey Opi
Bittersweet Pumpkin Dorito Opie
Mario Peach dundee Opus
Brass Titian ferries orange
Butter bean Chianti Nemo Oscar
Gold button Mandarin Marlon Pumpkin
Butterscotch chester Heathcliff peaches
Cantaloupe Chili goldy Maizy Mango
Carmello Chip Heinz Mango
carrots Chrysanthemum julius Maple

Black Betta Fish Names

Black betta fish names can often have a slightly sinister appeal, but heavenly and food-based names are also popular.

Blackie Dante Jamaica Coincidences
Blake Dorothea Jett Dissident
Twenty one Drakkar Noir Jaguar Metal
Cave Dugan Johnny Cash Raven
Dodge Duncan Kieran Maël Rasputin
Black Panther Ebony kodiak Morticia
Put up with Edelgard Kole Musqua
Bernadetta velvet hat kuro Ninja
atlantis Tub Night Night
Chilling Deep sea Board Obsidian
Bogie Elvira Space Petroleum
Gaspar Espresso Of Moon Onyx
satchmo Eclipse Velvet Panther
Cesare Ferdinand Voodoo Shading
Coal Flint Damian sharpies
Tar forest Cabbage Pepsi
Chocolate chips Gabe Beetle Petra
Cinderella Guinness Ash Shovel
Coal hell Donnie Darko Singularity
Coffee Hubert Twenty-one Angus
wade ink Grimm Cynical
Raven inky Lelia Dark
Darth Vader Photon Licorice playing field
Continue Ivory Linhardt Sooty
Daegan Kai Jacket type of venomous snake Ghost

Yellow Betta Fish Names

For yellow Bettas, consider spice names like turmeric and mustard, or name your fish after your favorite yellow food or drink. My first Betta was a yellow guy I named Squirt, after the soda.

Butter Hilda Pikachu smileys
ball of butter Ignatz Pineapple scream limiters
Banana Winer Raphael Adobe
Cracker leonie Shine Chablis
Corn Lorenz sun Chardonnay
Brilliantine Cheesy Sunflower Pink grapefruit
Cabbie Turmeric Sunny django
Whiteboard spark – spark Sunshine Chickpea
Cheesecake Ray Candy Lemonade
Suede Flash Cab Colonel Mustard
Claude Blond Tapioca Barley
Crown butters Tequila Blond
jelly cotton candy Toffi Eggnog
Skimmer Yellow Submarine Vanilla Corn
Cookies Canary Waffle Corny
Flan Daffodil Yeller Tinker Bell
Wheat Lysithea Yellow yellowstones
Dandelion Marianne Medallion tofu
Dew Marzipan Bumblebee Wafer
linen Mellow chicklet tuscan sun
Karo Smoothie Bubble gum Star
Giallo Mustard Came Jelly
Prayed nilla big bird sunlow
golden Noodles blondes Peanut
Highlighter pen Tortilla Chernobyl Lemon

Pink Betta Fish Names

When choosing a name for a pink fish, consider softer flower or gem names, or go the other direction and choose a vibrant name like Magenta or Fandango.

Pink Panther Razzmatazz Wrist Lots’o (Toy Story)
Pinko Contessa Annabelle porky pig
Pixie Orchid Alicia Bing Bong (Inside Out)
Puffin Hot Beautiful Pina Colada
Fuchsia Cherry Carmen To flourish
rainbow-brite Carnation Callie pink pearl
Magenta fandango charlotte NiNi
pinkie Geraldine Chloé Natasha
Punch Lipstick Dahlia Penelope Pitstop
Rosewood Weak Pot Sweet Princess
Rouge Amaranth Sweet DeeDee
Salmon Thulian Eve Fan
Shoe Azalea freya Easter Bunny
Bubble gum Hibiscus Penelope fuzzy lumpkins
Amethyst froly Bido giggles
Ultra Mauve Patrick (starfish in Spongebob Squarepants) kirby
Watermelon Loved Pinkie Pie
Tickle Barbie Cure Flora

Pale, Silver and White Betta Fish Names

Pale bettas and those with more subtle silver and white colors are often given names that evoke their beauty and purity. There are also many interesting translations of the word «silver,» so consider naming your fish Argent, Gin, or Plata.

Ansel Shine Cotton Mushroom
Argent (silver in French) Shine Pen Shingle
Banshees Spectrum Oatmeal Platinum
Bijou Steel Smoke Smoked
Bullet Pound sterling Coconut Snowflake
Gin (silver in Japanese) Tinsel Pure Sugar
Flash Umbria Coastal Tooth
Dim light Silver Porcelain Swan
Quicksilver Shred Of course Light tube
Kesef (silver in Hebrew) Ghost island Aspen
mint Diamond Cream Snow storm
Arctic beluga Rice Pigeon
Plata (silver in Spanish) Egg gauze Ghost
rip glacier Kendall Nail
Shade Icicle Whisper Polar
Snowball Jasmine Chalky Magnolia
Silber (silver in German) Mayonnaise casper Milk
Brightness Alabaster Crystal Moonlight
Birch Moon Opal
Bones Starlight Quartz
Pale Chrome Snow
Silk Dusty Snowdrop
Cord earl gray snowy
Frost Gunpowder Starlight

Other Ways to Name Your Bettas

You are not limited to gender names or those based on the color of your fish. Some of the most interesting names combine personality traits with humor, puns, and pop culture, so consider one of these options for your Betta.

Betta Fish Names Based on Personality

Some of the cutest names for betta fish are ones that look like they are straight out of newspaper comics. If you want a Dweeb, Goober, or Skittles, check out some of the names based on Betta’s bright and goofy personalities.

Aggie domino Striking Cups
Bam Bam Scribble jeffie nibbles
Screw dweeb Jelly Airing
Boo Canine Jet Patience
bug-bug Floof Instant Little pig
Buttons fuzzles kiki Pinion
lovely man Genghis little cat posey
Chomper Goober Freedom Abductor
Wrinkle ground squirrel Love heart Turbo
Crusher gracie Lulu Bowling game
cuddles Dip lux Slot
Pinch Chewing gum Marshmallow Soda
Devil Gwennie Cheerful Sparkling
Bow Glad Bow Spirit
Geezer Arrogant Mr Chips Splash

Funny Betta Fish Names

A name like Scooby or Felix is ​​naturally funny because they are usually names for cats or dogs and not usually fish. Other fun (or funny) names for Bettas include:

Mr. bean Otis skywalker lake Fido
dr jones Magikarp bubbly lovely Michael Phelps
goldy pewdiepie M. Sea Hammer OdysSea
chappelle loch ness monster Muhammad Ali Finance
Pickle meghan mackerel a real cod fishtachio
Billie EiFish mrs puff Rocky Fish in Mocean
Scarface Pee Wee Sushi Seannamon
Rambo frown Swedish Symfiny
Luigi end-law tuna turner swimming sum
Aquaman Float Scooby Doo Fin-Yang
cloudstrife Spongy Felix James Pond
Sephiroth Georgia O’Reef Sunshin minnow Spongy
Pied Piper of Hamelin Gill-bert fineness Fish and chips
Tough Gilly Nelson Kingfin angler price
Nintendo Hammer Fishtyque Gyrados
Popeye harley finn Alpha Betta Guppies Goldberg
Haystack Leviathan Aqua Fin-a Genghis Karp
Morty jaws Pattsea anne chovvy
Bojangles Mackerelmore betta max Agent Cody Tanks
Darth Bait-er McFish betta midler The rolling rock fish
water boy Mr. Bubble white betta the great sea of ​​gat
Weird mr fish Captain Hook unique companion
Han Solo Sharkira Carrie Fisher Sea-line Dion
dilbert sponge Bob cujo Prince Whale-iam
harry water swim in the shade Spongy fintastic four

Regal Betta Fish Names

If you want to name your Betta after a famous king or leader, consider these majestic fish names. Many of these names derive from translations of the word «king» or are synonymous with it, such as Rex and Sovereign. Other options include famous historical figures, such as Napoleon and Charlemagne.

August Richard III tenno Cease
Caligula Solomon Worth The prince
Charlemagne Tiberius Valuable Rex
Cyrus Titles Paladin Sovereign
Frederick Vespasian Patrick Higher
Godzilla Vlad Noble Real
Henry VIII Kingfisher parenting President
Kingsley Xerxes magnus Admiral
Kingdra Raja sausage Top
Kingler regis Emperor Emperor
Real ryan Khan Potentate
King Tut Ramasses Gentleman Mister
Kublai Khan Rauri Malik Majesty
Leonidas cha Landowner Maharajah
Leopold Semper Fi meek Dictator
Marcus Sheikh Mozra Commander

Aggressive Betta Fish Names

Bettas are known as the Siamese fighting fish for a reason; they can have a little attitude. It’s fun to name them after badass fish or give them a name based on a famous hero, villain, or cartoon character. Some entertainment options include:

Tongue Pug Vader Snake
Brinks Cheerful Warrior Yosemite Sam
Bully Fight War Fox
Right handed kreig Tyson Zurge
Dynamo roundy Ninja Goodfella
Powerful Relentless wasabi mr grumpy
Strength Bully Kratos Hydra
Hannibal Scrappy Ammunition King Kong
Hostile slash Armageddon Mallet
Hawk Break Bandit Wolverine (X-Men)
Hurricane Sarcastic Bam Bam Stormageddon
Hyde Tailor wow! The Rock (professional wrestler)
Jekyll Insolent electra sea ​​Wolf

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