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The best places to buy goldfish online

While you can find cheap goldfish for sale at almost any pet store, it can be much more difficult to obtain rare types of fish at your local physical stores. Online shopping allows you to browse a much wider selection and have your fish delivered right to your door! Let’s talk about where to buy goldfish online.

Why should I buy goldfish online?

If you have only purchased fish directly from a pet store, it may seem strange and potentially dangerous to buy goldfish online and have them shipped to you. But ordering fish by mail has actually been the standard way aquatic stores have operated for a couple of decades. , and it works like a charm!

Advantages of buying Goldfish online

There are several advantages to ordering your goldfish online versus buying them in person at a pet store. In many cases, you’ll be buying from the same wholesalers your local store uses to source your goldfish, and you’ll have access to breeders of rare and special fish too !

healthier goldfish

goldfish purchased directly from a breeder or online retailer are often pet store stock, as in many cases they are shipped directly from the supplier or breeder. They skip the stressful pet store stage! You should still quarantine your new goldfish for a few weeks before introducing them to your community.

  • Big Box stores and pet stores with aquatic sections rarely properly care for their aquariums or quarantine new fish before selling them.
  • Pet store fish are often stressed and exposed to disease before they are brought home and can become ill soon after they are introduced to your tank. This pre-purchase treatment can even reduce the lifespan of your goldfish!

Largest selection available online

When I buy live fish online, I have a much larger selection and can find the exact color and type of goldfish I want, rather than just what your local store has in stock that day. You can often find online sales or source events for rare and exotic goldfish imported from around the world !

Goldfish are quickly delivered to your doorstep!

There’s no need to fight traffic or queue for a gorgeous goldfish aquarium! While buying from a store provides immediate gratification, it just takes a little longer for your goldfish to be delivered when you order online.

  • Live fish are packed fasted and travel-safe, and are handled with care during shipment.
  • Goldfish purchased from online retailers are typically backed by arrival and/or live health guarantees and will assist you if you have questions or problems.
  • With flat rate shipping rates, large online orders are quite feasible and reasonably priced, so consider buying some supplies or tank mates for your goldfish as well!

11 Best Websites to Buy Goldfish

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular places on the internet to find goldfish for sale:

1.King Koi & Goldfish

If you’re looking for fancy goldfish for sale online, check out the premium King Koi and Goldfish options. They specialize in rare breeds of Chinese, Japanese and Thai goldfish and have hundreds of fish to choose from. You can even search by the color, variety, or size of your desired goldfish.

2.Live Aquaria

One of my favorite websites to buy fish is Live Aquaria, and I can give you my personal seal of approval. They have been in the online business for many years and have the highest quality fish at the best prices. While they don’t offer as many options as specialty goldfish stores, they are a great place to get some of the more common fancy varieties like Black Moors and orandas.

3. Kodama Koi Farm

If you want to keep Koi, this website has everything you need to get started. Kodama Koi Farm sells premium quality Koi, fish food, as well as Tamasaba Goldfish. They hold regular auctions where fish are sold to the highest bidder, and there is a blog full of interesting informative articles as well.

The company was founded in Japan in 1967 by expert Koi enthusiasts. Today, the company has a formidable reputation as the largest importer and distributor of premium Japanese Nishikigoi in the US.

4.iFish Store

The iFish Store is a newer online option for buying goldfish, though its physical location has been in business for more than 20 years. They offer a seasonal collection of fancy goldfish at rock-bottom prices, but they don’t keep a constant supply, so you’ll need to quickly select and order your fish when they become available.

5. eBay

A great place to find common and rare goldfish for sale online is on eBay! A wide variety of stores and breeders sell goldfish there, and you can search by the type or color you prefer. Of course, you’ll have to read the fine print and research the seller’s track record, but this is a useful tool for finding rare goldfish like the Watonai.

6. Koi the next day

If you are looking for a large, hardy goldfish for your outdoor pond, then you should check out the stock at Next Day Koi. They carry a wide variety of single-tailed goldfish perfect for aquariums and unheated ponds. Get a beautiful 7 inch long Shubunkin or Creamsicle Comet, or buy a group of younger goldfish and watch them grow.

7. Coast Gem USA

Coast Gem USA is an excellent choice for purchasing show-quality luxury goldfish online. They typically have Ranchu, Orandas, Telescope, Ryukin, Bubble-Eye, and Pearlscale juvenile goldfish for sale on their website. These fish command premium prices and many are imported Thai varieties that are hard to find in the US.

8. Zhao’s Fantasies

If you want to support a small family business and buy directly from a goldfish breeder, you should consider some of the beautiful and unique fish sold at Zhao’s Farms. With a particular focus on rare Japanese varieties such as Jikin and Tosakin. , have over 20 years of experience in breeding premium goldfish. This husband, wife and dog team offers personalized attention that major retailers find hard to match.


There are a couple of ways to buy live goldfish through Facebook. One of the easiest is to find and join a group of goldfish hobbyists. These groups are a great way to connect with other hobbyists and locate small goldfish breeders with unique or special fish for sale. But you can also use the Facebook Marketplace to find “goldfish for sale near me” and keep everything local!

10. Goldfish Island

Goldfish Island grew out of a group of fish hobbyists who came together to start a business of importing and breeding show quality goldfish. They offer a wide variety of fancy juvenile goldfish including Thai Orandas, Tosakins and Butterfly morphs. They also sell some mature adult goldfish, and you can search for pictures of the specific ones they have for sale on their website so you know exactly what you’re buying.

11. Your Fish Store

Your Fish Store offers a large number of aquatic animals and supplies from their two warehouses as they sell entirely online and do not have a retail location. Limiting overhead and staff costs allows them to sell a wide variety of fancy and common goldfish at rock-bottom prices. If you don’t need a $300 show fish and just want a beautiful group of fantails for your tank, this could be a good, inexpensive option!

12. Dandy orandas

If you plan on breeding show quality fish, Dandy Orandas is the place to find the most impressive and rare imported goldfish. Unlike a pet store or retail store, each individual goldfish is listed separately on the site and sold via weekly auction to the highest bidder. They offer a selection of the best imported goldfish and many of these fish are not available anywhere else in the US.


Buying goldfish online is the way to go if you want to avoid face-to-face contact and it couldn’t be easier to have fish shipped straight to your doorstep ! Cut out the middleman at the pet store and get your fish directly from breeders and importers instead. Have you bought goldfish online? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments or engage on our social media pages.

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