Hot Water Fish

  • Photo of Cichlids


    Cichlids (Cichlidae) are a species of fish for tropical freshwater aquariums , of which there are more than 900 registered…

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  • Photo of Melanotaenids


    The Melanotaenidae or Melanotaeniidae , are a family of fish native to Australia and New Guinea , which live in…

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  • Photo of Gobids, Gobies, Gobiidae

    Gobids, Gobies, Gobiidae

    Description The  Gobies, Gobiidae gobies or family , are fish that are commonly used in aquariums freshwater coming from coastal…

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  • Photo of Cobitids (Cobitidae)

    Cobitids (Cobitidae)

    Cobitids, also called loaches , are warm-water fish that group approximately one hundred species, within seven different genera, although two…

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  • Photo of Loricarids


    This variety of fish are native to the northern and central regions of South America , most of them come…

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  • Photo of Siluridae, Catfish

    Siluridae, Catfish

    Characteristics The catfish is one of the best looking fish in the hot water aquarium and is also known by…

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  • Photo of Callictids


    The callíctidos are a family of warm water fish , which are part of the order of the siluriformes, basically…

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  • Photo of Poecylids


    The Poecílidos or Vivíparos, are warm water fish that enjoy great popularity within the aquarium , since they directly generate…

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  • Photo of Cyprinids


    The group of cyprinids currently has about 2,000 species of freshwater fish, spread throughout the world , except for South…

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  • Photo of Characins


    The Characins family has more than 1,300 different species, the majority in South America, although we can also find African…

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