Hot Water Fish


Gasteropelécidos or ax fish, are originally from South America. Its vulgar name has to do with the original shape of its body, reminiscent of an ax.

Nature is capricious and adapted to the habitat with the forms of the fish, as it happens with
the Mormirids (elephant fish).

They have a laterally compressed body, with a parallel back and a bulging chest area in the shape of an ax, which
allows them to jump out of the water and glide thanks to their pectoral fins.

The pectoral fins have very well developed muscles, being able to handle them very quickly to rise above the water, thus traveling long distances.

Within the family of the gasteropelécidos, we can differentiate three different genders:

  • Carnegiella
  • Gasteropelecus
  • Toracocharax

Varieties of Gasteropelécidos (Ax fish)

They are fish specially adapted to live near the surface of the water . Their favorite place are rivers with moderate water currents, where they live sheltered in the vegetation near the shore.

In aquariums the most common of all is
the marble ax fish or marbled ax fish (Carnegiella strigata).

Other varieties that can also be found for sale for aquariums are:

  • Transparent axfish (Carnegiella myersi)
  • Common breaststroke (Gasteropelecus sternicula)
  • Spotted axfish (Gasteropelecus maculatus)

Ax fish

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