Hot Water Fish


The Melanotaenidae or Melanotaeniidae , are a family of fish native to Australia and New Guinea , which live in the fresh and warm waters of the rivers, although it is also possible to find some specimens in the estuaries of these same rivers.

The fish in this family are called «rainbow fish» because of their showy and striking colors.

They have elongated and laterally compressed bodies, and in their state of freedom they keep rivers free of mosquitoes.

They are not too large fish, highly valued in aquariums for their ease of adaptation to community tropical aquariums , as well as being relatively easy to reproduce in captivity.

Red rainbow fish

Glossolepis incisus

Also known as Red rainbowfish, Salmon-red, Rianbow Fish , it is a peaceful and very shy fish with gregarious habits that can be part of a community hot water aquarium , along with other species that also have similar habits.

They are relatively easy to reproduce in the aquarium, with temperatures between 24º and 26ºC.
They have an oval shape and a small head, giving the sensation of being a hunchbacked fish . Its coloration is a really attractive red color.

Yamary’s rainbow fish

Melanotaenia boesemani

It is a very active, gregarious and peaceful fish. It reproduces easily in an aquarium with temperatures between 24º and 26ºC.
They are omnivores, they will eat all kinds of live and freeze-dried foods. In the wild they consume almost any prey that is on the surface of the water.

The highlight of these fish is their pigmentation, with very striking and bright colors.

Unfortunately, it is a fish that is one of the endangered species. Don’t worry, the rainbow fish that you will find in your pet store come from specialized farms.
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Dwarf rainbow fish

Melanotaenia maccullochi

It is another of the fish of this very original family, which is a little different from the rest, since when they are in their juvenile stage, they are fish with very little attraction, but when they grow up they honor the name of «bow fish iris».

They are gregarious fish, very easy to keep in a community aquarium , although due to the great activity they develop, they can bother other calmer species.

Like the rest of the members of the Melanotaenidae family, they are omnivores and have no problem consuming live prey or dry food.

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