Hot Water Fish


Mormyridae or Mormyridae, also called elephant fish, are fascinating fish that can only be found in the fresh waters of Africa.

They have some morphological characteristics of their own, such as
a forked tail fin, fitted with a fleshy pendulum.

In most species of this order,
the ventral fins are very poorly developed, unlike the pectorals.

Some varieties have a protrusion under the mouth, which resembles an elephant’s trunk, which is why they have earned the nickname «elephant fish».

However, the most characteristic of this species is that they
produce small electrical discharges that help them orient themselvesamid the murky waters in which they live, they also intervene in their process of reproduction, feeding and communication with other specimens.

They are fish with a brain and intelligence above average, which provides them with learning capacity.

Their diet is based on small invertebrates and crustaceans , although in the aquarium they will accept all kinds of live prey, tubifex, daphnia and cyclops.

They are very peaceful with other species, however,
among them they usually maintain a relationship of domination with the weakest specimens.

Until now, reproduction in captivity has not been achieved, and their acclimatization to aquariums is quite complicated, due to the specialization of their diet.

Elephant fish

Gnathonemus petersii

They are territorial fish, although
they are very peaceful with other species in the aquarium . They prefer to live in shady areas with abundant vegetation that reaches the surface and with a sandy soil , in which they dig to find their food.

They have a fleshy appendix called a
schnauzenorgan , which they use to detect their prey.

In the aquarium
they can be fed live prey, tubifex, enchytraeids, daphnia and cyclops.

At the moment there are no known cases of reproduction in aquariums.

They usually reach 23 centimeters, and we will
need an aquarium of about 100 liters. We will see them swimming in the lower part of the aquarium.
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