Hot Water Fish

  • Photo of Lepisosteiformes


    Lepisosteiformes are a group of fish commonly called needles, catanes, pejelagarto or manjuaríes. There is only one family associated with…

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  • Photo of Belontidos


    Belontids are very attractive species , due to the characteristic elongation of the pectoral fins that accompanies most of the…

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  • Photo of Morphirids


    Mormyridae or Mormyridae, also called elephant fish, are fascinating fish that can only be found in the fresh waters of…

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  • Photo of Gastropelled


    Gasteropelécidos or ax fish, are originally from South America. Its vulgar name has to do with the original shape of…

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  • Photo of Boraras Brigittae (Mosquito)

    Boraras Brigittae (Mosquito)

    Scientific name:  Boraras Brigittae Common Name: Boraras Mosquito, Rasbora Mosquito, Mosquito Aquarium size:  45 liters Temperament: Calm Temperature:  Between 20º…

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  • Photo of Corydoras Aeneus

    Corydoras Aeneus

    Scientific name: Corydoras aeneus Common Name: Bronze Corydoras, Bronze Catfish, Tan Cleaner Aquarium size: 80 liters Temperament: Very calm Temperature:…

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  • Photo of Mosquito fish

    Mosquito fish

    Scientific name: Gambusia affinis Common Name: Mosquito Fish Aquarium size: 60 liters Temperament: Aggressive Temperature:  Between 18ºC and 27ºC pH:…

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  • Photo of Otocinclus


    Scientific name: Otocinclus Affinis Common name: Otocinclo Dorado, Glass Cleaning fish, Otocinclo dwarf, Otocinclus dwarf, Otocinclus dorado Aquarium size: 60…

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  • Photo of Tropical Fish

    Tropical Fish

    The world of aquarium hobbies is exciting , and among the types of fish that we can care for, tropical…

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  • Photo of Molly Fish, Poecilia

    Molly Fish, Poecilia

    Scientific name: Poecilia Common Name: Molly Aquarium size: 80 liters Temperament: Calm Temperature:  Between 24º and 26º pH: Between 7…

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