Sea Fish

  • Photo of Ketodonts, Butterfly Fish

    Ketodonts, Butterfly Fish

    Scientific name: Ketodonts Common Name: Butterfly Fish Aquarium size: 1,000 liters Temperament: Calm Temperature: 24ºC to 26ºC pH: 8.2 to…

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  • Photo of Pomacentrids (Pomacentridae)

    Pomacentrids (Pomacentridae)

    The Pomacentrids are a family of marine fish, which we all know under the name Clown fish and Damsel fish…

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  • Photo of Pufferfish, Tetraodontids

    Pufferfish, Tetraodontids

    Tetrodontids (Tetraodontidae) are a family of fish called puffer fish, originating in the Indian, Pacific and Red Sea regions. Colloquially,…

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  • Photo of Trachinidae


    The family Trachinidae or Traquinidae is not very common in private marine aquariums , rather it is a species that…

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  • Photo of Wrasses


    The Labrids or Labridae are a family of marine fish from coastal waters, with an elongated body and a cylindrical…

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  • Photo of Surgeonfish, Acanturids

    Surgeonfish, Acanturids

    The acanthurids or surgeon fish are marine fish , have a morphology that makes them unique feature, two cutting scalpels…

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  • Photo of Epiphids


    The Epiphyde family is made up of the Platax, which is why some experts call it Placids. Platax are edible…

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  • Photo of Ballistic


    Scientific name: Ballistidae, Balistidae Common name: Triggerfish, Hogfish, Pigfish, Tamborfish Aquarium size: 1,000 liters Temperament: Aggressive Temperature: 24ºC to 26ºC…

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  • Photo of Callionimids


    Callionimids are marine fish originating for the most part in the archipelago of the Philippine Islands. They are very curious…

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  • Photo of Singnatids


    The Singnatids family are a very original fish family , in which we have the Seahorse, the also original Pipefish,…

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