Sea Fish

  • Photo of Ballistic


    Scientific name: Ballistidae, Balistidae Common name: Triggerfish, Hogfish, Pigfish, Tamborfish Aquarium size: 1,000 liters Temperament: Aggressive Temperature: 24ºC to 26ºC…

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  • Photo of Callionimids


    Callionimids are marine fish originating for the most part in the archipelago of the Philippine Islands. They are very curious…

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  • Photo of Singnatids


    The Singnatids family are a very original fish family , in which we have the Seahorse, the also original Pipefish,…

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  • Photo of Ostrationids, Chest Fish

    Ostrationids, Chest Fish

    Ostrationids, also known as box fish , are marine fish that are named for their morphology: they have bony plates…

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  • Photo of Scorpion


    Scorpions are marine fishes of the teleostome family. The main characteristic of these fish is that their body is covered…

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  • Photo of Parrotfish


    Scientific name: Scaridae Common name: Parrotfish, Parrotfish Aquarium size: From 300 liters Temperament: Calm Temperature: 24ºC to 26ºC pH: 8.2…

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  • Photo of Green Damselfish, Chromis Viridis

    Green Damselfish, Chromis Viridis

    Scientific name: Chromis viridis Common name: Green Damsel, castanet fish, Green Maiden Aquarium size: 200 liters Temperament: Territorial with the…

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  • Photo of Scorpion fish

    Scorpion fish

    Scientific name: Pterois volitans Common name: Scorpion fish, Red lionfish Aquarium size: 400 to 600 liters Temperament: Calm, although it…

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  • Photo of Bat fish

    Bat fish

    Scientific name: Platax pinnatus Common Name: Batfish, Red-faced Batfish, Large-finned Batfish Aquarium size: 2,000 liters Temperament: Peaceful Temperature: 25ºC to…

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  • Photo of Stone fish

    Stone fish

    Scientific name:  Synanceia horrida Common Name:  Stone Fish, Rock Fish Aquarium size:  300 liters Temperament:  Calm. Motionless for much of…

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