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Scorpions are marine fishes of the teleostome family.

The main characteristic of these fish is that
their body is covered with bumps and edges, which give them a strange, intimidating and, above all, fascinating appearance.
They have highly developed fins, provided with excessive radii.

The mouth is large and protractile, capable of devouring large prey, including live fish.

They tend to frequent the shallow waters of the coastline, and areas near the corals.

In principle they
are easy to keep in captivity, since their lifestyle habits are quite sedentary.

They can be kept in a community aquarium, as long as we keep them with large species.
In the marine aquarium, we can include several specimens, since they are sociable with each other.

Their great voracity is known,
they eat almost any prey that moves , so the size of the aquarium companions is important.

If we see that they lose their appetite, the water should be changed, since they are sensitive to environmental contamination.

Lion fish

Pterosi antennata

The Pterois antennata is one of the
less frequently found Scorpions in Europe, unlike its close relative Pterois volitans , and is quite reminiscent of another species, Pterois radiata, in ornamentation.

It can be raised individually in a community aquarium of about 200 liters, however due to its great sociability, it is a better idea to get a larger aquarium and have several specimens.

It feeds mainly on fish, whether alive or dead.

You have to be careful with their handling, at the base of each spiny radius, they
have a very powerful poisonous gland.

The pain increases for a few minutes, to remain persistent for at least 24 hours.

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Scorpion fish

Pterois volitans

This variety of scorpion fish
is native to the regions of the Indian and Pacific oceans, as well as the Red Sea.

They have a large head and an inordinate mouth, capable of devouring a fish similar in size to their own.

They are fast growing, so
an aquarium that is at least 400-600 liters is recommended.

They are not very active fish, which usually remain perched at the bottom of the aquarium.
This attitude contrasts with the voracity and speed at which it moves when the food reaches the aquarium.

Special care must be taken with their radios, as they can cause very painful injuries.

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Scorpaena scrofa

This species of Scorpion is typical of our seas,
we can find it in the Mediterranean Sea and in the eastern Atlantic.

It is a fish that is between 30 and 50 centimeters long.
They do not have the beauty of the previous ones, more typical of marine aquariums, but without a doubt they are equally very interesting, due to their appearance.

They have a square head, and a large mouth from which barbels appear on the lower jaw.

They are usually kept camouflaged in the background.
This is a passive defense skill, but it is also his hunting strategy, everything that swims near him is in danger.

Stone fish

Synanceia Horrida

Stonefish is another popular scorpion, especially
among divers … who fear their sting . It may be more powerful than that of the Scorpion fish or Lionfish, although it is usually accidental, when stepping on it by mistake.

Its name,
stone fish, originates from its camouflage. They go completely unnoticed on the seabed, thanks to the fact that they pretend to be a stone, remaining totally immobile until it is time to hunt one of their prey.

They are carnivores, and although it is not very common to see them in aquariums, they
are really peaceful fish … although obviously, you have to be careful with their handling.
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