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The family Trachinidae or Traquinidae is not very common in private marine aquariums , rather it is a species that is usually exhibited in public aquariums.

They are not fish that are highly attractive for display, they do not have dazzling colors, nor do they have particularly attractive behavior habits, on the contrary, they are benthic fish adapted to live camouflaged on the seabed.


They are long-bodied fish with elongated dorsal and anal fins.

They have strong spines that cover the gills and the dorsal fin, all of them communicated with poisonous glands, for which the Traquinidae are well known, like other famous fish: Lionfish , Scorpionfish …

They lack a swim bladder, so they try very hard to move, and forces them to remain much of the time half-buried on the seabed waiting for their prey , usually small fish and crustaceans.


They live in different depths, from the shores, to depths that reach 200 meters. They prefer beds of fine sand or mud, where they find their food more easily.


The Trachinidae family is made up of eight species, all of which live near the coast.

Four of these species belong to the European coasts, for us the best known is the Spider Fish, Trachinus Draco, present in the coasts of northeast Africa, much of the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea.

Spider fish

Article index1 Description2 Morphology2.1 Sexual Dimorphism2.2 Caution !! Spiderfish Bite3 Distribution and Habitat4 Aquarium Conditions for Spiderfish5 Diet6 Behavior and Compatibility7 Reproduction Description The spiderfish (Trachinus draco) is a poisonous marine fish, belonging to the Trachinidae family. Although it is not a very popular fish in home aquariums, it requires little care, which makes it very easy to keep. They do not need an aquarium with many ornaments, they are carnivorous, sedentary, nocturnal and spend much of the day hidden under the ground. Morphology The spider fish has an average length of 25…

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