Sea Fish


The Labrids or Labridae are a family of marine fish from coastal waters, with an elongated body and a cylindrical shape.

This family includes some 500 different species of fish, grouped into 60 different genera.

The main morphological characteristic of these fish is their protractile mouth, provided with separated teeth and thick lips, which help them to obtain their preferred diet, crustaceans and mollusks.

They are fish that usually live in shallow sea beds , next to coral reefs and always near the bottom, where they usually spend the night half-buried in the substrate.

Their reproduction is very curious (although it is not unique), since they areproterogynous hermaphrodites , that is, the specimens begin their life as females, but as the dominant females grow they can transform into males, altering their color and morphology. Usually this metamorphosis occurs when the adult male dies.

Wrasse (Coris)

Coris frerei

As with all Coris, the Coris frerei changes its appearance and coloration when it passes from its juvenile state to its adult state.

If they warn of danger, their preferred form of protection is to hide at the bottom, covering themselves with sand.
Its main food is small crustaceans and mollusks. As an adult they tend to lead quite a lonely life.

Masked wrasse

Hemipteronotus taeniurus

It is an inhabitant of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, where it lives in the underwater herbaceous meadows.

Its coloration makes it go completely unnoticed, when it stands among the algae.

Regarding its colors and shapes, it differs greatly between its juvenile stages and the adult fish.

They are not very sociable, and tend to have intraspecific confrontations. They are omnivorous.

Lunar wrasse

Thalassoma lunare

The Tahalassoma lunare or Moon Wrasse, is a fish native to the Red Sea and the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

It lives in a solitary way and is only grouped in the periods of reproduction.

It is a good swimmer, which usually hides by burying itself in the substrate when night falls or when it feels threatened.

Her favorite foods are Artemia and mussels.



The Parrotfish is not really a species, but a subfamily of fish of the Wrasses, which includes nine genera and 80 different species of fish.

They are tropical marine fish, living mostly in the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans, with a few specimens in the Red Sea.

They are known as «Parrot Fish» because of the shape of their mouth and the great color they display, making them very similar to parrots or parrots.
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Napoleon fish

Cheilinus undulatus

The Wrasse is one of the largest wrasses . It is difficult to find in private aquariums due to its large dimensions and because it is an endangered species, but it is possible.
They are very original fish due to their coloration and morphology.

They have very original and attractive tones, which change as the specimen becomes an adult.

As for their morphology, the most striking thing is the protrusion they have on their head, similar to a military hat like the one Napoleon Bonaparte used, hence their common name.
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