Nicrew ClassicLED – Review of Led light for aquariums

There is no doubt that among the many LED aquarium lights out there, this is one of the best. The NICREW Classic LED Light with Extendable Brackets is one of the best lighting options for beginners in the aquarium hobby.

It does not become one of the best-selling LED aquarium lamps for the simple fact of coming from a first brand. This is thanks to its quality, performance and price. This model has some exceptional aspects, as we will see later.

Available in five different sizes, you are sure to find a model of this lamp to fit your aquarium.

Additionally, NICREW ClassicLED aquarium lighting comes with an extendable bracket that can be adjusted to fit different tank sizes.

Let’s start by seeing a table with the characteristics of the 5 models of this range of led lights for aquariums from the Nicrew house.

Nicrew Classic LED Aquarium Lamps

* The number of opinions corresponds to the total of the five models.

Main features of Nicrew ClassicLED LED light


The Nicrew Classic led light uses 2835 SMD LEDs from the producer Epistar, a company well known for its powerful and long-lasting LEDs.

Each LED offers 25 lumens providing excellent lighting for the aquarium below with a color temperature of 7000k.

In addition, it has two lighting modes incorporated in this model:

  • White LEDs to mimic daylight.
  • Blue LEDs to imitate night light.

Energy efficiency

That’s because it uses SMD LED lights that produce amazing brightness with low and economical power usage. In addition, they can last for a long time, so there is no need to worry about replacing the light at short notice.

Freshwater Aquarium Vs. Marine Aquarium

Fresh water tanks

Nicrew’s LED light bulb works quite well, growing plants at a rapid rate. However, this rapid growth can also grow a fair amount of algae in nutrient rich tanks.

If you see an excess of algae try to reduce the feeding and have the light on for shorter periods of time.

Seawater tanks

When placed in deeper tanks, the corals would survive, but would never fully expand.

This means that the Nicrew Classic led light can be used for low light corals and even be used as a supplemental light when tanks need more lighting. Tall or large tanks will need other more powerful lights.

Nicrew ClassicLED lamp holder

In addition, it has clamps on the ends of its legs, which adjust to any surface.

However, care must be taken not to extend the legs fully so that they do not fall out of the body of the lamp. When the legs are fully extended, they can slide out, allowing the lamp to drop directly into the tank.

For this reason it is not recommended to buy this led light to use its maximum length.


The best way to protect the lamp is to use glass panels or covers for the tank. A light-impermeable sealer can also be applied to help protect it.

If you choose this option be aware that the light will now have chemicals in it, making it even more dangerous to the tank inhabitants.


The light is controlled by a switch on the lamp cord. This means that the light cannot be controlled with a controller and must be switched by hand instead.

Assembly and cleaning

Due to the fact that this lamp is not waterproof, even if we have a glass lid that covers the aquarium, the humidity can cause it to lose a little of the light intensity.

For this reason, it is recommended from time to time to take the light apart to let it dry in a warm area and clean it before replacing it.

To clean the Nicrew LED light you will need to remove the acrylic cover and clean both sides.

If there is algae on the LEDs themselves, you will need to gently brush them off with a cotton swab. Do it gently and with the lamp unplugged.

If you want to use any liquid to clean the algae, you will also need to let it dry for a while.

Warranty and shelf life

The guarantee offered by Nicrew is 12 months. Although this guarantee may be less than that offered by other more expensive lights, it is well above similarly priced lamps.

However, it is unlikely to cover water damage, so be sure to use a glass lid or keep water movement to a minimum.

When it comes to service life, there is only one decisive factor: the humidity in the lamp.

Depending on your preventive measures, this light can last from a few months to several years. The LEDs won’t burn out anytime soon and the body will only break if you mishandle it.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Nicrew ClassicLED lamp


  • This is an affordable mid-range lighting system
  • Ideal light for growing plants with low and medium light needs
  • Lamp can be adjusted to fit many different tank sizes
  • Very good build quality and incredibly durable


  • It is not valid for plants with high light needs
  • Does not include timer, dimmer or other settings
  • The power cord is a bit short
  • Brackets may fall off the lamp if it is pulled out too far
  • There is no system so that they can be hung

Opinions about the Nicrew Classic LED

At the time of writing this review, the Nicrew ClassicLED aquarium light series has over 2478 customer reviews on The average mark of these opinions is 4.6 out of five, an outstanding. Click on this link to view these reviews of the Nicrew ClassicLED range.

  • Of the almost 2,500 opinions, 75% of them have rated this lamp with five stars; 16% with 4 stars and 4% with 3 stars.
  • The reviews that have suspended this device scoring 2 or 1 star only add up to 5%: 1% for reviews that have given 2 stars, and 4% for one star.

Final Thoughts on Nicrew ClassicLED Aquarium LED Light

Nicrew LEDs are a good choice for low light planted tanks, and cost significantly less than many competitors. And this LED lamp offers considerable service life as well as high energy efficiency.

Nicrew ClassicLED may not be up to the task of the most demanding aquarists, but they do a great job growing low light plants like java ferns, anubias, mosses, crypts, floating plants…

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