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What is the best cage for birds?

Each species of bird is unique, has different life habits and flies in different ways, that is why there are all kinds of cages for birds: large and small cages, aviaries, traveling …

When buying the bird cage that our pet needs, we must choose correctly, taking into account the space it needs, the dimensions of the bird and the space we have available for the cage.

Cages for birds of different sizes

The large cages for birds are designed for birds of good size, but not only and exclusively, since it is also possible to have several birds sharing space, especially if we are dedicated to raising birds.


This point is important, since the cages to raise birds have nests and sometimes, they can be divided so that the male and the female are not constantly in contact.

Modern bird cages, whether they are large, small or medium cages, are detachable cages. This is useful because we can disassemble and store when they are not needed , as I have told you, it is very useful when we are dedicated to raising birds and our bird population fluctuates.

Cage designs

The industry that is dedicated to the manufacture of cages, takes into account trends and fashions, designing bird cages that fit in all types of environments.

According to the design, there are cages with square, rectangular shapes, with curved, arched or Japanese roofs … very typical of wooden bird cages, which can be painted in all kinds of colors.

Functional cages, chicken coops and aviaries

In addition to the typical indoor bird cages, there are more functional cages designed for outdoor use, such as chicken coops or aviaries.

The chicken coops are prepared to raise laying hens, protecting the nests and eggs, so that they do not break.

In gardens, the most commonly used chicken coops are sturdy, elegant and original wooden huts . Less aesthetic, but very practical chicken cages are also available , which prioritize functionality over aesthetics.

The large cages that we see outside are called aviaries. They are fantastic and are designed to have a lot of birds.
The best birdhouses have wheels, to raise and maintain a colony of birds inside or outside the house.

Nests, games and accessories for bird cages

We cannot forget the importance of cage accessories, such as nests, feeders and drinkers.

As I have pointed out the importance of choosing the cage well, depending on the birds that we are going to raise, it should also be noted that all feeders and drinkers are not the same, some are specific for some birds, such as parrots.

Like other pets, birds also have their toys, which keep them active, in good physical and mental shape. There are of all kinds, designed for each species.

Transport and travel cages for birds

There are cages designed to travel with birds when we go on vacation, so that our pet is in perfect condition.

Special attention should be paid to cages to carry competition birds or cages for singing birds , such as canaries or goldfinches.

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