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Best Cages For Canaries

What is the best cage for canaries on the market?

For your canaries to be healthy and happy, one of the most important factors is their cage, their house, the place where they live . All canary cages may look identical, but they don’t.

There are basically three types of cages for canaries.
Two are specialized cages: the
breeding cages for canaries and the singing or exhibition cages , which are individual cages for canaries.

There is a third type of cages, which anyone could have at home to enjoy the song and beauty of the canaries.

To satisfy any need, we have analyzed a good number of cages for canaries, choosing for you those cages that, due to their quality and price, we consider are
the best cages for canaries.

Comparison of the best cages for canaries 2020

What canary cages to buy? Best quality price canary cage

Detachable cage for canaries

This is the typical
cage for canaries that is used to raise canaries at home , with the sole claim of enjoying their happy songs and their beautiful colors.

A couple of canaries can coexist perfectly and if it is time to breed,
an accessory canary nest can be incorporated, which is attached to the door of the cage.

It includes everything you need to keep your canaries happy:
feeders, drinkers, two rest perches and a swing, which will be their favorite place in the cage, without any doubt.

To maintain the hygiene of the cage, it
has a grid that makes the cage space independent from the cleaning tray.

It is easy to move from one place to another in the house, with its practical carrying handle.

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Buyers’ opinions of the detachable cage for canaries

I liked it for its design and bought it.
I was not very clear about its quality, because it is one of the cheap cages for canaries, but after the purchase I have to say that I am very happy.

It comes disassembled.
The assembly is very simple.

It is wide for one or two canaries without any problem.
Very pretty, I like it.

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Standard canary cage

This is another
standard canary cage , albeit with a bit more quality than the previous one.

Due to its height and dimensions, it is perfect for
keeping a canary or a pair of canaries , which will be perfect.

The cage incorporates a drinker, a canary feeder, two rest perches and a swing.

It is a detachable bird cage . It is served disassembled, although the assembly is very simple and does not require any type of tool.

The most notable difference is that the interior of the cage is separated from its base by a metal grid, and that the lower tray is removable to facilitate cleaning.

It is available in
four colors and two different roof shapes. Great value for the price.

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Buyers’ opinions of the standard cage for canaries

I really liked the cage, it is big, beautiful and I think it is very well priced.

I would have liked the grid to be part of the cage, but it seems that now it is fashionable to make them like this.

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Canaries Cage Vision S01

Among the
cages for singing canaries, you could not miss one of the best-selling bird cages on the market, the Vision cages.

It has different models of
cages for lovebirds and other types of birds, depending on their size.

The big difference that this cage has with respect to the rest of standard cages is that it has a transparent plastic lower part, which
reduces the remains that your bird will throw out of the cage by up to 80%: remains of seeds, feathers, dust …

It is a cage for canaries
recommended by veterinarians, due to its design and quality. The bars of the cage and the plastics used are not toxic.

The cage is served disassembled, with feeders and resting perches.
Take advantage of now having a special discount for a limited time.

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Buyers’ opinions of the Vision Canary cage

It is one of the best cages for canaries that I have bought.
All the remains are left inside the cage, which is then very easy to clean, unlike other cheap cages for canaries.

The quality is very good, 100 × 100 recommended.

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Breeding cages for canaries 60 cm

is the typical cage for breeding canaries. It has two completely independent compartments, so that we can have a male and a female, which cannot be seen but can be heard.

On the contrary, if we have several breeding pairs, two independent pairs can be divided and placed.

bird cage has two front doors and two side doors, which can be used to place nests for canaries.

The wires are zinc plated.
They are not as pretty as standard cages, because they are designed to be very practical, not as aesthetic as indoor cages.

It can be arranged in various ways, hanging on the wall, using a foot or support, but also
stacking several cages.

Each space has two feeders and a drinker, as well as a rest perch.

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Opinions of buyers of breeding cages for canaries

It is a perfect cage for raising canaries and other exotic birds.
The quality is very good, it can be seen in the thickness of the bars and the plastic of the feeders.

Very fast delivery, everything perfect.

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Cages for singing canaries

canaries on display and to encourage their singing , should not be seen. If you look closely, this cage is specially designed for this purpose, since the sides are opaque, so that the specimens cannot see each other, they can only hear each other.

The cage is designed to hang on the wall, but also to be stacked and attached to other cages, something common when you have several
canaries for competition and you are looking for the best song.

For the rest, it is a fairly normal cage for canaries, with a feeder, a drinker and a front door.
On the side it has an opening, which could be used to place a nest for canaries.

The lower tray is removed, to facilitate hygiene and cleaning of the cage.

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Opinions of the buyers of the individual competition cages canaries

Exceptional quality.
It is a perfect cage for what is required, to keep the canaries isolated and to improve their song.

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Tips for buying a good canary cage

I do not know if it will be possible to know everything about canaries, perhaps a great fan can know a lot, especially about the most important: keep them healthy, make them happy and above all what every fan wants, breed canaries.

But everything revolves around the same we
need a good cage for canaries.

In my selection I have tried to choose the best brands,
Pedrós, Imor, Dival, Vision … selecting the cages that I think may interest you, standard individual cages for home, but also for raising birds and for competition.

And what is the most important thing to choose well? …

Size of cages for canaries

Regarding the size of the cages for canaries, there is a minimum space answer, but another logical and more pleasant one for a canary.

The cage that should be considered the minimum for a canary
should be about 50 x 30 x 30 centimeters.

This space would be the minimum, but if we can provide a larger cage, our canary will be much happier.
I think that in this, as in almost everything in life, the bigger the better.

If what we want is to breed several canaries at the same time, obviously we must provide them with
a suitable cage or aviary.

My recommendation is that you choose
a cage as long as you can, canaries love to fly and if they have space, they will.


As long as we keep the minimum and sufficient spaces, so that our canary lives and grows in good conditions, the design of the cage is really secondary… for him, but not for us.

You will find all kinds of cages for canaries, with spectacular designs.
There are
cages in the design of houses, flyers, round or arched.

Choosing a
round or square cage is a matter of taste and that it looks good with the decoration of the place where we are going to put it.


It is important that the bars have a maximum distance of 1 cm, and that they are painted in epoxy paints that are non-toxic, lead-free, or zinc-free.

Some paints used in cheap cages for canaries, this point is not taken into account and we can find everything.

Wooden bird cages

The wooden cages are beautiful , in addition, they usually have a spectacular design, with Chinese roof finishes or similar.

As with metal cages, you have to be very careful with the quality of the paints used in the decoration.

Otherwise there is no problem, except that they
are more difficult to clean and maintain.

Canary cage for breeding

One of the specific cages for canaries are the breeding ones.

Although it may seem that they need more space to be able to include the nest, in reality they do not.
Breeding cages usually have front and side doors.

It is in the side doors where the nests for canaries are placed, which are a completely independent accessory and do not steal any space inside.

These cages have the option of being
divided into independent compartments, so that we can have several pairs of canaries breeding at the same time , or a separate pair, until the time of heat for the canaries arrives.

If you are really interested in
knowing everything about the breeding of canaries,How canaries are prepared for breeding, how to make pairs of canaries, how to cut young canaries, the best tips for breeding canaries can be found at the Spanish Singing Canary Federation : FECC

For any questions about cages, always You can convey your concerns to us and we will try to advise you as best we can.

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