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Best Cages For Nymphs

Which nymph cage is the best on the market?

Nymphs are beautiful exotic birds and if you are looking for a cage for nymphs, you may already have one or are thinking of buying one.

I will tell you that they
are very docile, adorable and affectionate , but that, in order to develop well and be so happy, they need to be well cared for. Among the care for nymphs is having a cage appropriate to their growth, size and lifestyle.

Have you ever wondered what is the right cage to raise nymphs?
Do not worry, we have been analyzing the different cages that are for sale, to select
the best cages for nymphs on the market, I hope that our comparison will help you decide which cage for nymphs to buy.

Comparison, best cage for nymphs 2020

What cage for nymphs to buy? Best quality price nymph cage

Ninfa Vision cage

Nymphs, cacatuas, parrots, lovebirds and parakeets are known for being very nice, funny and friendly birds, but also because when they eat they are very dirty.

To greatly prevent your nymphs from getting so dirty, one option is the Vision cage,
designed to reduce by up to 80% the debris that falls outside the cage: seeds, feathers, dust …

The cage is made with a lower base of plastic, much higher than normal, to reduce the waste that the birds throw out of the cage.

The materials with which it is made are safe, they are not toxic to birds.
The wires are low in carbon, with lead and zinc free paints, very resistant to corrosion … And best of all, it is now on sale, do not miss the occasion.

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Ninfa Vision Cage Buyers’ Opinions

It is a cage for nymphs of excellent quality, with a very modern design.

It comes disassembled, but assembly is very simple.
Cleaning the cage is also quite simple, just drop the cleaning tray and as it is made of plastic, wipe it with a cloth and that’s it.

Very happy, it is a highly recommended cage.

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White nymph cage

This is
a perfect nymph cage to hang from a hook or wall. It is an adequate size to be considered one of the best large cages for nymphs, with a more than correct price.

It has a
classic design, while very practical . It is a cage for two nymphs without any space problem.

It is designed with
two good-sized front doors for easy access to the interior. Other accessories that the cage has are 3 rest perches, 1 play swing for nymphs and to feed themselves, 4 feeders that are accessed through another 4 side doors.

The cage
has a lower grid, which separates the cage from the cleaning tray, which can be removed to remove food waste and bird waste.

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Buyers’ opinions of the white nymph cage

The cage is very pretty and perfectly meets the description.

The only drawback is that it has many doors that are easy for nymphs to open, so I recommend securing them.

Otherwise very good, more than acceptable quality, with a great price.

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Aviary for nymphs

This is a
large nymph cage, in which you can raise multiple nymphs without any problem.

Although it is called a cage for parrots and
the nymphs are cockatoos, their tree-climbing habits are very similar, so they can share a cage design.

The cage has a
rectangular design, with a slightly curved roof that gives it an oriental feel.

Access to the cage is huge, it has a front door of 22 × 50 cm, with 3 side doors that give access to the feeders.

It also has a grid that separates the cage from the excrement tray, which is removed to facilitate cleaning.

A perfect cage to have several nymphs, which you can now buy in installments.

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Opinions of buyers of flying cages for nymphs

What has impressed me the most is that it is a very robust cage.
The irons are very strong and the wires of good diameter.

I also want to highlight that it is very spacious, it is a large cage for nymphs, you can have more than one pair of nymphs without any problem.

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Standing cage for nymphs

cages with feet are always special, and this is quite different from the usual nymph cages, designed to hang from a hook.

An added advantage of this cage is that if you get tired of the cage foot, the cage separates independently.
On the one hand, you would have a cage foot for parrots, and on the other the cage for nymphs.

It has four feeders and a water trough for nymphs , as well as rest perches. The cage has a front and side door, with the measures to make nymph nests without problem.

To maintain the hygiene of the cage, it has a
removable plastic tray, which can be easily cleaned.

For a limited time, it is available at a reduced price.

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Buyers’ opinions of the standing nymph cage

It has a very good size and I love its design.

The only downside is stability, the manufacturer advises putting a bottle of water on the foot, I have done it and the problem is solved.

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Nymph cage XXL

Nymphs need good sized cages, and this is one of the
really cheap
large bird cages , the value for money is fantastic.
The cage is made of steel, designed to withstand the grips made by the nymphs with their beaks and claws. The coating of the steel is also special, non-toxic, so that your pets do not have any problems.

The design as you can see is very functional, like its large front door.
The accessories are complemented by three feeders, a drinker and a shelf at the bottom, to leave food or cleaning objects from the cage at hand.

Cleaning is also easy.
It has a removable tray, easy to handle.

To make it easier to place the cage anywhere, it has
practical transport wheels.

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Buyers’ opinions of the XXL nymph cage

There is a good quality price relation.

The cage is very robust and easy to assemble, to put a stick, the abs plastic tray to collect the excrement, could be a little better.

I am happy, because the cage is very big, perfect for my parrots.

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Tips for buying a good cage for nymphs

The cage is one of the most important points that you must take into account, for the care of the nymphs. Choosing the correct cage will greatly influence their health and behavior, because if it is too small, they will feel stressed and sad.

What is the best place to put the cage?

Nymphs are very sociable animals that do not like to be alone, that need large doses of affection and understanding.

The ideal place to place the cage for the nymphs can be
the living room, where they have company for many hours of the day. A good idea is to interact with them, it is very good to sing and talk with them.

Cage size

Nymph cages must be large. As a reference, the width of the cage should be at least the length of the bird when it is stretched, although it is advisable to be slightly greater, for the nymph’s total comfort.

If you buy a young nymph, since it is a chick, it will seem that the cage is too big, but they are birds that,
if you feed them and take good care of them, as an adult they will measure about 30 centimeters tall and will dress with shiny feathers and showy.

Toys for nymphs

Nymphs are very intelligent birds, who love to play . A good idea is to put several toys in his cage.

You can put all kinds of toys on it.
The hanging ones will serve them so that they can catch them or touch them with their picks.

If you put bridges or boards on them, they will grab them with their legs and interact with them.
The best toys for nymphs are rockers, bells, bridges …

Caroline nymph cage

The cages for the nymphs should have more than enough space. A minimum measurement for a specimen is 50x45x45 cm, and if you have a pair of nymphs, at least 100x60x60 cm.

When we choose the cage, we must pay special attention to the details, such as the
cleaning trays.

In cages with a removable lower tray, cleaning is easier and faster, with the advantage that we do not disturb the animal at all.

All food scraps and nymph droppings will fall to the base of the cage, where the removable tray is located.

The tray is removed, emptied into the garbage can and can then be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Remember that we have said that nymphs are large birds, which can reach up to 30 cm high.
This data is important, to
remember that the access doors of the cage must be large.

can be trained to come out of their cage and play with you , but you must be careful to close all doors and windows to prevent escape.

Where to buy nymph cages

In pet stores you will find many models of nymph cages, although they are always limited by physical space.

You may not find the cage you are looking for, so my recommendation is to use the largest online store, and buy
cages for nymphs on Amazon , where you will have all kinds of cages, with different prices, qualities … and always with guaranteed satisfaction.

You can buy your cage for nymphs from the comfort of your living room.

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