Marine Invertebrates

  • Photo of Coelenterates


    Coelenterates are a fairly large group of marine invertebrates , among which are anemones, hydras, jellyfish, anemones and corals. Many…

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  • Photo of Mollusks


    The family of aquarium mollusks consists of snails, clams and scallops. Each of these families has its own peculiarities, but…

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  • Photo of Marine Crustaceans

    Marine Crustaceans

    Marine crustaceans are found within marine invertebrates , which we can include in an aquarium that faithfully reproduces a coral…

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  • Photo of Sea stars

    Sea stars

    Scientific name: Asteroids or Asteroidea Common Name: Starfish Aquarium size: 400 liters Temperament: Calm Temperature: 22ºC to 25ºC pH: 8.2…

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  • Photo of Sea sponge

    Sea sponge

    Porifers (sea sponges) are invertebrate animals known as sponges. Its main characteristic is that its body is completely full of…

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  • Photo of Snail Helena

    Snail Helena

    Scientific name:  Anentome Helena Common name:  Helena Snail or Assassin Snail Aquarium size:  20 liters and up Temperament: Calm Temperature:…

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  • Photo of Mertens Carpet Anemone

    Mertens Carpet Anemone

    Scientific name: Stichodactyla mertensii Common Name: Mertens Carpet Anemone, Sea Anemone Aquarium size: 400 liters Temperament: Calm Temperature:  Between 26º…

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  • Photo of Snail Apple

    Snail Apple

    Scientific name: Pomacea bridgesii Common name: Apple snail, mystery snail Aquarium size: 10 liters per snail Temperament: Calm Temperature: 20ºC…

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  • Photo of Planorbis snail

    Planorbis snail

    Scientific name: Planorbis corneus Common name: Planorbis snail, Devil snail Aquarium size: 20 liters Temperament: Calm Temperature: 20ºC to 26ºC…

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  • Photo of Sea Nettles

    Sea Nettles

    Scientific name: Anemonia sulcata Common name: Sea nettles, Sea nettle, Sea anemone Aquarium size: 400 liters Temperament: Pacific Temperature: 26ºC…

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