Marine Invertebrates


The family of aquarium mollusks consists of snails, clams and scallops.

Each of these families has its own peculiarities, but for aquarists, the three form a larger group: mollusks, invertebrates for aquariums .

The most common in aquariums are snails. A little misunderstood, sometimes they are discarded because they tend to eat plants , although they are only some species and it only happens when they do not have the food they need at their disposal.

Within the snails, there are freshwater and also marine species, so that they can be included in any type of natural environment that we want to rebuild.


Snails are easy to raise for beginners, they do not need excessively complicated care.

Usually they will feed on algae and decomposed matter, only when these are scarce, they can eat the plants.

To avoid any type of temptation, we must feed them with dried seaweed, in addition to including a supplement with calcium.

Although they can feed on the remains of decomposed matter, they are also quite sensitive to high levels of nitrate.

We can see them attached to the walls of the aquarium, or firmly attached to the substrate at the bottom of the aquarium. But we must suspect that something is wrong, if we observe that the operculum is closed and upside down.

Although we do not know much about snail diseases, it has been observed that, if we introduce many specimens, they can generate stress and become ill.

It is best to maintain good water quality, with regular water changes, and with proper filtration.


What do clams eat? This is a question that all those who consider introducing them in their aquarium can ask themselves.

Their diet is based on live or preserved phytoplankton, there is also a specific liquid food on the market for them.

It is necessary to add photosynthetic vitamins or suitable supplements.

Some clams need adequate lighting to live, as they have symbiotic algae called zooxanthellae, which receive the nutrients they need through photosynthesis.

To keep them in good health, it is convenient that the aquarium has the correct liters, as well as maintaining optimal lighting conditions and water quality.

You have to be very careful with medicines that contain copper, they are especially toxic to mollusks.

We will be facing a clam in good health, if its shell closes quickly when disturbed. They are usually fully open for much of the day.


Scallops feed on live, floating microplankton, and like clams, they can receive a phytoplankton-based dietary supplement and appropriate liquid foods.

Food must be provided individually to each specimen, for which we will use a pipette or straw, dropping just above them.

How to maintain a mollusk aquarium

To keep a mollusk aquarium in good condition, it is necessary to ensure that the parameters are kept within optimum quality levels. Filters and water temperature

must be checked daily . The quality of the water, such as pH, hardness or salinity, should be checked at least once a week.
Monthly, you have to change part of the water in the tank, approximately between 10% and 25% of the total.
If we are going to introduce a new inhabitant, we must take into account their compatibility. Once it is correct, we will proceed to its acclimatization gradually.

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