Amano Shrimp: Caridina japonica (Caridina multidentata)

Amano Shrimp: Caridina Japonica (Caridina Multidentata)

Named after Takashi Amano, author of the famous aquarium books Natural Aquarium World, the Amano Shrimp has found its way into many planted aquariums due to its appetite for algae.

Amano prawns can live in planted aquariums for 2-3 years and reach an adult size of 3-5 cm. As the shrimp grow they will molt, with fast-growing juveniles molting more frequently than adults approaching full size.

Caution should be used when choosing suitable tankmates for Caridina Japonica (Caridina Multidentata), as they could be a tasty snack for larger fish. They themselves are peaceful creatures and pose no threat.

In addition to eating algae, Amano Shrimp will eat flake and tablet foods and it is important to provide a varied diet. Specialized crustacean diets are also offered.

Sexing is possible as males are usually smaller than females and also the spots along the male’s flanks are clearly individual spots where the same markings on females often merge to form broken lines.

Breeding is often observed in the home aquarium and is quite obvious due to the frenzied response of males to females releasing pheromones. Males can be seen running around the aquarium in an effort to find the females, at which point several males may mount the female in an effort to reproduce.

Unfortunately, raising the fry presents some difficulties. In the wild, the larvae wash up in brackish water where they spend some time before they can swim back to fresh water.

The Caridina Japonica or Amano Shrimp is extremely adaptable and will therefore tolerate a wide range of water parameters; however, for shrimp to renew their exoskeleton, care must be taken when using reverse osmosis water to ensure a certain level of carbonate hardness. Care should also be taken when medicating the aquarium, as they are sensitive to copper.

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