The Best Pond Filters

Pond filters serve the same mission as an aquarium filter : to keep pond water in good condition for fish and plant life.

The idea is that the pond water looks clean and clear at all times, without organic residues that can deteriorate its quality or make it look bad, even a bad smell.

The two basic functions that pond filters perform are:

  • Mechanical filtration . With mechanical filtration, larger particles are retained, which make the water dirty.It is achieved by recirculating the water through various filter materials, which retain the particles in suspension in the water in each of the processes.
  • Biological filtration. Just like in the aquarium, the filters contain colonies of bacteria that help nitrification and decomposition of the various wastes in the pond: plant debris, biological fish waste and food waste.

The two basic functions of pond filters help the water appear clean and clear.

Selection and comparison of the best filters for ponds 2020

Types of pond filters

In the market we can find different types of pond filters, depending on where they are installed.

The most common are:

  • Gravity filters
  • Pressure filters
  • Underwater filters

We can also buy  filtration kits.  In this case, in addition to the filter, the set includes the necessary water pump for the pond and other accessories, such as the hose.

How to buy the right pond filter

Before making the decision to buy a pond filter, we must take into account several aspects, which will influence the type of filter and its filtering capacity:

  • Small or large ponds. Size matters, each filter is designed to move a different number of liters per hour.
  • Pond with fish and plants. Plants are a great ally in the filtering process, as they help keep algae under control, providing oxygen and consuming nitrogen.Fish are the opposite, they contribute more waste to the pond water, so we must take them into account.
  • UV-C clarifier yes or no. Some filters mount a UV-C clarifier that is helpful in keeping the water clean and clear, preventing it from turning green.

It is convenient to keep track of the quality of the pond water by performing periodic maintenance, adding bacteria for ponds that help the decomposition of organic matter.

One idea that works very well to keep the pond water clear and clean is to add waterfalls. Besides being a decorative element, they add oxygen to the water.

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