The Best Prefabricated Pond

If you are thinking of buying a prefabricated pond for your garden , you should know that space and decoration do not have to be a problem.

There are ponds of different sizes and with different finishes, to
integrate perfectly into the decoration of any garden, however small it may be and however original its style may be.

Choose your ideal prefabricated pond

This is the most current selection of ponds, designed to meet the needs of the most demanding gardeners.

Assembly of prefabricated polyethylene ponds

The best-selling prefabricated pond is polyethylene , a highly resistant material to the elements and with a really attractive price.

The high quality of polyethylene allows it to
withstand the elements for years without deteriorating or losing discoloration, thanks to its great resistance to frost and UV rays.

Its design is thought to integrate perfectly with the garden decoration.
It shows sinuous shapes that mimic those that could be found naturally, so that, once installed with a montage of plants, rocks and fish, its appearance is completely natural.

Step by step for the assembly of a prefabricated polyethylene pond

The most important thing to correctly assemble a polyethylene pond is the planning of the pond.

So you don’t get lost, I have
a great tutorial on the most important:

  • Pond location
  • Plants and fish for a pond
  • Filtration systems
  • The importance of size

Once the basic aspects are overcome, and we are clear about
the place in the garden where we are going to install the pond and its size, we must undertake the installation works.

  • Preparing the ground (doing the excavation of the ground)

    One of the most important tasks of the installation of a precast pond is in the preparation of the ground.

    The first thing we have to do is
    mark the perimeter of the pond, to start drilling.

    As the prefabricated polyethylene ponds have different depths, we have to take great care of this point, so that
    the excavation perfectly matches the size and depth of the pond.

    It is also vitally important, in order not to have any type of problem with the water, that the pond maintains a correct level.
  • Water pump and recirculation

    The pond does not need to have a water intake, but it
    is important to add a water pump that naturally oxygenates the water, so that if we add (it is interesting) plants or fish, they do not end up having problems due to lack of oxygen.

    Its installation is simple, we can even add accessory elements, so that we create an artificial waterfall.
    The noise of the water in the garden is very relaxing.
  • Add decoration and plants

    The final point and that will provide us with a totally natural result, we achieve it with the decoration.

    The decoration has two objectives, on the one hand to
    hide the plastic parts of the pond, and on the other hand to provide naturalness.

    Adding plants both around and inside the pond will give us that “wild” point, which looks great.

    Adding fish is an option , but they are great allies to keep insects at bay.

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